Vecci Handcrafted Classic Leather Golf Shoes.

Since Vecci starting selling Classic Golf Shoes, we have designed unique styles.

The use of Full Grain Water Proof Uppers the supple midsoles and outsoles. Not only do they conform to the shape of your foot, but they help keep you grounded. The soles are covered in traction elements that grab even better

Vecci Classic Golf Shoes have a coolness that can seamlessly transition from The Clubhouse to Course. All this quality material -workmanship means your shoes will even enhance the natural rhythm of your swing.

Classic Golf shoes

The Kiltie or Fringed leather flap on traditional golf shoes? Is a term to describe hand-sized detachable leather flap that attaches on top of golf shoes with same laces that close the Classic Golf Shoe. The original purpose of flap was probably to protect shoes at lace opening. Now, it's used more as a classic touch on saddle shoes, whether for golf or street "school girl" shoes.

The return of Leather shoes

Brittany Romano Share this story: Oxford-style saddle golf shoes have been a mainstay in the sport since the early 1900s. Though premium leather looked good and proved durable, its lack of flexibility and comfort enabled the development of golf shoes that were designed to replicate sneakers. Taking it a step further, fashion-forward hybrids and high-top shoes have become increasingly popular on tour and on courses around the country. And yet, not everyone has left the traditional golf shoe realm. With constant innovation in golf shoes, companies are incorporating old-fashioned looks in more high-tech ways than ever—a trend that was evident at last week's Valero Texas Open. En route to his first PGA Tour victory, Andrew Landry sported the classic-looking leather golf shoes. Zach Johnson also shared the classic-looking Leather Golf shoe style Billy Horschel’s played with the base color of the shoe as he opted for white details against a navy base. In saddle-style shoes, the base of the shoe only shows in the midsection, or vamp, and collar (near the ankle) of the shoe. Also sporting the look were Graeme McDowell, Billy Hurley III and Ethan Tracy. The 30-year-old sported shoes with a simple, white leather in the base, laces and saddle of his shoes, while still having some fun with the accents. His first- and third-round shoes were accented with navy, and when paired with navy trousers, the shoes looked sharp and didn't clutter his ensemble

Leather Golf Shoes

Men Golf Shoes

1:Firmness:You want shoes to be flexible but not give too much, so that it can support your foot when it rolls. Hold your sole with one hand at each end. Twist to see how much give it has. If you can fold it in half, leave it in the store. Our Classic Golf Shoes are Good Year Construction , which offers durable ,flexible &support, balance when you transfer your weight from one foot to the other

2:Toe-Box fit: Select shoes that accommodates the width of your toes-if you feel a squeeze or your toes are pushing tight against the sides move to another choice. Our Classic Leather Golf Shoes have a round toe box &a generous width.

3:Supportive Heel: The Heel should have a decent width to evenly distribute your weight. We have a full heel on our Men Golf Shoes for even weight distribution

Gold Toe Golf Shoes $260

Bari-Burguandy/white/Navy Gold Toe Golf shoes Bottom of shoes Gold Toe Golf Shoes

Classic Golf Shoes $179

Leather Gold Toe Golf shoes Black/white wing tip Bottom of shoes classic Golf Shoes

Casual Gold Toe Golf Shoes $129

Casual Navy Faux Lizard Skin Golf Shoes Bottom of casual Shoes Casual-Gold Toe Shoes

Leather Dress Shoes $100

Brown Faux Crocodile Leather golf Shoes Dress Shoes

Clearance Golf Shoes 50% off

Black wing Tip Shoes Bottom of shoes Clearance Golf Shoes

Spike less Golf Shoes $185

Black Wing Tip bottom of teaching shoes Spike Less Golf shoes

Made to order shoes

Custom Design
USA sizes 7 1/2 8 8 1/2 9 9 1/2 10 10 1/2 11 11 1/2 12 12 1/2 13 14
Europe 40 41 42 43 43 1/2 44 44 1/2 45 45 1/2 46 46 1/2 47 48 1/2
U K 7 7 1/2 8 8 1/2 9 9 1/2 10 10 1/2 11 11 1/2 14
Japan 25 1/2 26 26 1/2 27 27 1/2 28 28 1/2 29 29 1/2 30 30 1/2 31 32
France 42 1/2 43 43 1/2 44 44 1/2 45 45 1/2 46 46 1/2 47 47 1/2 48 49
Australia 7 7 1/2 8 8 1/2 9 9 1/2 10 10 1/2 11 11 1/2 12 13

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