Clearance Gold Toe Golf Shoes

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Manufacturers Seconds

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Venice Black/white wing Tip

sizes 91/2C;13C

Venice Shoes

Torino Plain Chestnut/white wing Tip

sizes 81/2C;9C;91/2C;12C

Brown/White Wing Tip golf shoes
Bottom of shoes- removable soft spikes
Bottom of shoes
Discontinued Styles
65% Discount-Now only $130
Shoes shipped in 1 Business Day
Capri-Orange Faux Lizard Skin Trim
Sizes D width:
classic white/Orange  Gold toe Golf shoe
Only 2 size remain in D width:
classic white/Green Gold toe Golf shoe
Discontinued C-widths
Now only $109
Shoes shipped in 1 Business Day
Capri-GALLO White/black Lizard Skin trim
Sizes C width:
Gallo Shoes
Capri White/Red Faux Lizard Skin trim
Sizes C width:
Capri Shoes
Verona wing Tip Pink Faux Lizard Skin Leather
Sizes C;width:
Verona Shoes
Siena-Brown Faux Crocodile Skin Leather
Sizes C width:
classic Faux Crocodile Leather Gold toe Golf shoe
Bari Wing Tip -Navy Faux Lizard Skin
Sizes C width:
Bari Shoes
Men VENICE-Black/white wing tip
Sizes C width:
Venice Shoes

Sample Golf Shoe Sale

50% off Now $185

Sample sale
Capri Golf Shoes white/Faux Tan Lizard Trim
size 91/2D
Tan lizard Skin Trim
Anacapri Golf Shoes Black-Faux White Lizard Skin skin
size 121/2D
Anacapri Black White Lizard skin

Sample Spikless Golf Shoe Sale

50% off Now $185

Sample sale
Spikeless Black wing Tip
size 91/2D
Black Wing Tip
Spikeless Anacapri Faux Black Lizard skin/Black Trim
size 91/2D
Black with Tan lizard skin
Spikeless Brown Crocodile skin
size 91/2D
Brown Crocodile

Last Pair Lady Gold toe shoes

$75 Sale Price 70% discount

Collection Discontinued

LADY CAPRI white/burgundy trim
Water proof leather